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Marano’s Fuel offers a complete variety of services within wholesale and retail, and provides a network of 12 service stations and one major wholesale depot. We provide full product ranges, and also provide our customers with a good choice of brand or equivalent options.

At Marano’s Fuel, our main focus is on our customers and their productivity. We believe the key to supporting and maintaining a wide customer base is providing a range of products and services to suit a vast range of requirements, including bulk fuels, lubricants, spray oils, and solvents, as well as dispensing equipment and convenience goods at our Service Stations.

Aviation Fuel

Marano’s Fuel has extended its ‘one-stop-shop’ capabilities with the addition of bulk aviation fuel supply and delivery. Our new Road Train allows us to not only deliver bulk diesel and petrol, but also includes a dedicated aviation fuel tanker which means we can meet all your fuel requirements in one delivery – saving you time and money.

Bulk Fuel

Marano’s Fuel has a network of locally-based bulk fuel depots and a large fleet of delivery vehicles to meet all of your bulk fuel needs. Our delivery fleet is operated and maintained by our experienced drives and our depot staff.

Service Stations

Marano’s Fuel owns and operates service stations and retail sites across Far North Queensland, extending our service offering to our customers. With a range of petroleum products, oils, gas, ice, seafood, and general goods, along with truck stops and shower facilities, Marano’s Fuel is expanding its retail service to its valued customer base.

Lubricants & Oils

We provide a range of lubricant and speciality products at each local Depot or Service Station. Our depot staff are fully trained and can assist with all enquires and also special order products if not available.

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